Comfort traditional Middle Eastern with a twist of North American delights prepared fresh to satisfy your cravings.

Whether you’re craving something refreshing, or a traditional Turkish coffee, we’re inspired to quench your thirst.

Poke it, Smoke it, Share it

with friends, family, or simply in your “bubble”

The Cuisine

  Our Philosophy


From mezzes to street foods, Middle eastern has mouth-watering cuisine for any meal. There are so many flavors waiting for you to discover. From the simplicity of Labneh to succulent Kebab that has won hearts the world over consists of marinated pieces of meat that are roasted or grilled to perfection. Our cuisine is a hearty, tender feat of gastronomy that is genuinely satisfying.

Bon appétit!

From classic cocktails to creative concoctions like our Smoke cured Scotch and tableside Hookah service, we’ve got something for every palate and every type of occasion.

At ARABICA, we firmly believe that food & cocktails are better when shared with friends and in conversation. Should you find yourself in need of a conversation starter to kick off your next happy hour or evening out, look no further than this incredible collection of cuisine, Refreshments, and Hookah.



Foodie State of Mind

Starters | Pizza | Burgeres | Platers | Manakish



  • Bon Apétit!



ARABICA leaps and bounds above the average joint.

A unique mix of simplicity, creativity, and nostalgia are the hallmarks of our menu. Simple starters like Garlic Labneh and Cheese Rolls are perfect for sharing; from there, things get more adventurous.

Wow, the palate with offerings like our popular juicy Philly Steak, served on homemade bread.

For something hearty, try our fusion-at-its-best Escalope Burger, made with corn-fed chicken, griddled onions, and homemade fries, of course! 

If you’re feeling nostalgic, go for our Pizza selection — a pleasing mix of Italian, and Lebanese. 

Oh, and don’t forget dessert: we’ve got delicious, decadent Baklava Ice cream and Hot Brownies