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modern & traditional comfort food

Meniyar Deeb


Chef at heart –  Syria

Born in Damascus-Syria, Maniyar was first influenced by traditional Syrian and Lebanese cuisine as a child in his mother’s kitchen. Soon after, he was devoted to becoming a chef. 

His cuisine recognizes the authenticity of Middle Eastern food and its traditions and enriches it with spices and surprising combinations of international ingredients that are demanded by today’s modern palate. To this end, his cuisine has always been around the idea of respecting the product, its texture, and its flavor. 


Head chef – Gemini grill – Damascus 2018

Head chef  – Damascus 2015

General chef – Dunes club – Damascus 2011

Sous chef – Sequoia – Damascus 2008

Ancient Tradition

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Prepared from scratch, our homemade dough brings flavorful crust to wow your palate.

An ever-curious gourmet chef, Maniyar is invested in exploring the world for inspiration to develop a traditional mixed with an international approach to his culinary expertise.

He continually develops new methods and follows closely with master chefs to study the composition of each product he uses and its properties.

Transformative use of spices and herbs, and grilling methods with fresh olive oil.

With a simple, rustic presentation, Middle Eastern cuisine is packed with flavorsome charisma.

Relying upon the organic charms of its ingredients to do the talking; it is nuanced yet inviting, reflective of the personality of its tradition.

Whichever way you try it, the combination of flavors makes his cuisine stand apart in the congested world of culinary dishes, perhaps even above the rest.